We’ve only gotten a teaser of the OnePlus Band as it will be launching in India next week but now it seems they’ve made the accompanying app live ahead of the official announcement. OnePlus Health app is now live on the Google Play Store so we get to see a preview of what the OEM’s first wearable will be bringing us. There are no surprises so far as it seems to be a typical fitness band so we get all the general health and fitness features. But the interface seems to be pretty familiar for eagle-eyed observers.

Based on the screenshots on its Play Store page, you get the usual activity tracking, mapping, clock face optimization and some of the usual device management options. The app description says you’ll be able to track the usual things like heart rate, steps, other daily activities. You can also map your running routes, track duration and distance of your workouts, how many calories burned, etc. It also mentions the ability to track your sleep, therefore confirming one of the rumors about the OnePlus Band that we’ve previously heard.

The screenshots also show the five different clock faces that you can choose from with names like Shape, Glow, and Firework. We assume that these analog and digital clock faces can be configured for your fitness band. And even if it is focused on health and fitness, you’ll still be able to receive and manage notifications as well as calls. And if you still had any doubts about the device’s name, the last screenshot confirms it will be called the OnePlus Band.

If you’re an OPPO user, the app interface may be familiar. That’s because it looks exactly like the HeyTap Health app of OPPO, according to Android Police. They are sister companies by the way, in case you didn’t know. They’ve previously shared software and some of the ColorOS elements match OnePlus as well. So if the OPPO Watch runs on Wear OS, then the OnePlus Band may also run on it too, as per some of the previous rumors we’ve heard.

The OnePlus Band is expected to launch in India this January 11. And while the OnePlus Health app is indeed live on Google Play Store on public beta, it doesn’t seem to work on most territories just yet. You can We’ll know more after the launch, like if and when to expect it in other territories.