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The OnePlus team is doing everything to ensure that the upcoming July 27 virtual reality launch event will be successful. Just yesterday, the OnePlus guys took to Reddit their excitement by setting up an AMA (Ask Me Anything) page where geeks can ask “almost anything” about the 2nd-gen OnePlus smartphone.

The OnePlus 2 will be launched in a VR event where participants only need Cardboards to view what’s happening “on stage”. During the AMA, a number of questions were asked. First to be asked was if there will be multiple variations or screen sizes of the phone. OnePlusser David (devildv) replied by showing an image of a OnePlus One with a OnePlus 2 underneath. Of course, we can’t see the new model but we know now that it will be smaller. No mention about the bezel or screen size but this one seems to be slimmer too.

When asked if the camera is a high priority for OnePlus like it has been for Samsung and LG, Carl (carpe02) replied with a flat “Yes” and that it “will set the OnePlus 2 apart”. As for the battery life, OnePlus boasted the OnePlus 2 will have a 3300mAh battery even if phone is smaller than its predecessor. A bigger battery will offer 10 percent more juice.

The OnePlus One reportedly has touchscreen issues and when asked how the company plans to deal with them, Michael (oklar) said that the OTA update released recently already fixed those issues. As for the next phone, OnePlus is confident about it because several intensive testings are being made. There was also a question about OxygenOS changes and OnePlus just shared the phone will have “really a lot of good stuff”.

How about that issue about the menu button and layout of capacitive buttons, OnePlus said they have a solution for that. Charging cable? Whatever the OnePlus team is cooking up, they said it will make us happy.

We learned a lot from this Reddit AMA but we were left hanging about the most important details. We just know that OnePlus is really confident about the OnePlus 2, that the platform will remain open and accessible, the OnePlus cardboard won’t be available for sale, and the OnePlus One will still be available. We learned the following as well: early supporters will be prioritized, StyleSwaps will be better, phone is a big step up, an improved version of the invite system will be implemented, camera is teased as a #HYPE and it’s legit, price will be less than $450 USD, and that everyone is invited to the launch “virtually”.

The AMA was fun to read but OnePlus was such a tease. The guys could have told us that the OnePlus 2 will be great. When asked about what are they most excited to share about the new phone, they gave this answer:

“How the **** of the OnePlus 2 is **** and how the **** works extremely well thanks to the **** and ****. :D”

I’m tempted to fill in the blanks but I won’t.

Exec Armour Case for OnePlus Two

Interestingly, a OnePlus 2 back cover was sighted on It doesn’t say much about the upcoming smartphone but the protective case will have rubberized texture, toughened Polycarbonate Material, will be slim, lightweight, and will be available starting August 27 with a £12.99 price tag which is about $20 USD.

SOURCE: Reddit, OnePlus


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