The long-awaited OnePlus 9 series is finally here along with the OnePlus Watch, revealed in the company’s showcase yesterday. Along with these announcements that stole the show, OnePlus also unveiled the gaming trigger accessory for mobile phones. The idea here is to enhance the prowess of mobile gamers who don’t want to buy a ROG Phone 5 Ultimate but still would like to have a similar gaming experience. On top of that physical gaming triggers feel much better than the shoulder trigger buttons.

The OnePlus Gaming Triggers were shown-off at the end of the announcement, and they already seem like the must-have accessory for every geeky smartphone owner – in particular, ones who love to play first person shooter battle royale titles like Call of Duty and PUBG, or racing sims like Real Racing 3 or Grid Autosport. The triggers support not only the OnePlus phones but other Android and iOS devices having thickness less than 11.5mm.

OnePlus Head of Corporate Communications, Ryan Fenwick explained that the accessory has capacitive sensing technology, and you just have to clip it onto your phone and set the button location. Thereafter you are destined for a superior gaming experience, virtually giving you a tactical advantage in FPS games in particular.

Unlike other third-party accessories meant to achieve the same, these are going to bring a superior dimension to physical trigger buttons. They’ll by mechanical buttons that push the on-screen button in-game, so you’ll have to map the location of these buttons to match the position of the triggers.

OnePlus Gaming Triggers are designed for a seamless fit with any smartphone screen, and the best thing is you can hook them up with ones that have screen protectors or even a case. They are priced at £9.99 (around $14) and are an absolute steal if you are into serious mobile gaming.