OnePlus Crackables

A new game is being prepped to make boring hours thrilling this time. OnePlus teamed up with Google to introduce ‘Crackables’. It is more of an online contest that will have the players cracking a code to win a prize. The announcement was made over on Twitter. Details are scarce but we know it was created in collaboration with friends in Google and will begin on September 18, 8AM (EST). We have no idea about the process but we can expect the Chinese OEM to make public more information and announce the prizes.

To win the challenge, one must crack a special code. A teaser video was posted on YouTube which shows us a mysterious character.

Crackables Contest

We see some sort of a circular graph that we’re assuming needs coordinates. We’re guessing those are what we need to crack.

OnePlus seems to be launching a new phone soon. A OnePlus 6T? Maybe.

The Crackables could be just a promo. Remember when the OnePlus 6 was announced, the company also launched a racing challenge with Gameloft. The OnePlus Asphalt Cup was perfect to show off the ‘Asphalt 8: Airborne racing game’ running smoothly and fast on the OnePlus 6.

Crackables is expected to draw thousands of OnePlus gamers from all over the world. Watch out for further details.