The OnePlus X lands squarely on top of our best performing budget phones – with specs that won’t let you down at a price tag of USD$250. Most people will be able to get this phone in black or silver color schemes, but on the day OnePlus marks its second anniversary, the China-based upstart company is launching a special OnePlus X Champagne Edition, gorgeous in white and gold accents.

The OnePlus X Champagne Edition is going to hit European markets first, although we assume OnePlus will expand availability to more countries very soon. Gold is a pretty popular color for a phone in Asia, but in Europe and the US, not so much. Thanks to Apple and their gold iPhones recently, the color is gaining some popularity in the West as well.


We assume OnePlus will eventually sell the new OnePlus X in the US, but we need to wait for official word on that. Mind you, this is not the ceramic type of phone in the original OnePlus X – this is built in Onyx, and so the OnePlus X Champagne Edition is a tad bit pricier than it’s black and silver brothers at USD$269.


If you are in Europe, you can order the champagne OnePlus X now, assuming you have an invitation (you need one for this). If not, you can always wait until Tuesday, when the company holds its weekly open sales for the OnePlus X.