One frustration of OnePlus users is that their OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T devices could not play high definition versions (when available) on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is because it lacks Google’s Widevine DRM’s most secure Widevine Level 1. We’ve been waiting for an update and finally it’s here. But you were probably expecting an OTA update and instead you have to send your device to OnePlus to get the update just so you’ll be able to watch HD videos on your mobile device.

The reason why you can’t sideload this update is that you will need to update it through an authenticated PC to fulfill the security process involved with updating your device. And apparently, the only authenticated PCs that can do this are at the OnePlus office. The Widevine key box is “encrypted with a device-unique secret key” which cannot be delivered through software or any other methods out of the “TrustZone” required by Google.

So what you have to do is to send back to OnePlus your device so they can do the update and then send it back to you. The good news for those living in North America, Europe, India, and China is that it will not cost you anything since they will cover the cost of shipping. If you live anywhere else, apparently you will have to pay for the shipping on your own, if you really, really want to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video movies and shows on HD.

Obviously, this is not the most ideal solution and OnePlus acknowledges it as well. However, it’s the only they’ve got at this point in time. So OnePlus owners will either have to suck it up and go through the process or learn to live without HD on those streaming services.


VIA: XDA Developers