One of OnePlus 6’s winning features is the audio. The Bullets Wireless is one of the many reasons why you should buy the new flagship phone. We noted the Bullets line of wireless headphones that was introduced in 2016. The first pair launched was the premium-looking V2 Bullets In-Ear Earphones for the OnePlus 3. Last year, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones pair was seen getting Bluetooth-certified so we know audio is being improved for better sound quality.

The OnePlus team calls the headphones as your “Best Buds for Life”. It can last longer as it is durable while still being comfortable. There’s a magnetic control and total convenience so you can quickly switch between apps, the Google Assistant, and music. It can be fast-charged for ten minutes which is enough to make it run up to a maximum of five hours.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless isn’t the first pair from the Chinese OEM but its definitely the first wireless version. There’s still a cord so it’s not completely wireless but cables keep the buds together with the Magnetic Control. It’s “wireless” in the sense you don’t need to physically connect it to a source. The wires you see just basically keep them together

The phone is designed for comfort with the aluminum alloy construction. The cable is scratch-resistant. while the battery for the earphones is somewhere on your neck.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless will be out by the end of June for with a $69 price tag.



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