If you’re tired of having the same old plain colors of truly wireless earbuds decorating your ears, now is the chance to get a funkier and colorful pair of earbuds. OnePlus Buds Z is releasing a special variant of their earbuds that have been specially designed by Los Angeles-based artists and designer Steven Harrington. The stylish design of this new variant definitely sets these earbuds apart from its competitors even as the OnePlus Buds Z have gotten pretty good reviews as well.

Harrington (not to be confused with fictional character Steve Harrington of Stranger Things, as this writer was) is an artist known for his bright, psychedelic aesthetic. And so OnePlus believed him to be the perfect artist to collaborate with in creating a new stylish variant of their recently released earbuds. He even created a new character called Cool Cat to bring a “playful and contemplative” look to the OnePlus Buds Z.

You get a two-tone purple and mint color combo and even the charging case gets to be colored up. The visually arresting and dramatic aesthetic may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who are not into the minimalist one-color designs of almost all the earbuds in the market may be attracted to this as it is something new and refreshing. This is also part of their OnePlus Creatives+ platform which will have future collaborations with innovative artists and designers.

Aside from the design, you still get all the features that have made the OnePlus Buds Z pretty interesting. You get a 10mm dynamic driver, Dolby Atmos and Bass Boost technology, IP55 rating, and a battery that brings 20 hours of playback on a single charge. It was released just a few months after the OnePlus Buds with a more affordable price but with pretty similar specifications. This time around, these limited edition earbuds “sound as good as they look”.

The original OnePlus Buds Z launched at just $49.99. This Steven Harrington designed variant is a bit more expensive at $59.99. It goes on sale by December 23 over at OnePlus.com.