Most smartphone users probably take an average of at least 2 photos a day. And that’s just the average. There are probably those that take more than 10 a day. Now the problem is managing and organizing those photos and having that process be as painless as possible. You have apps and you have cloud services. But if you’re a OnePlus user, then you might be glad to know that there is now a streamline gallery app to help you manage those photos.

The OnePlus Gallery is simply just a photo organizing app without the “nonessential frills or intrusive ads” that you sometimes find in other apps or programs. It is able to generate automatically your photos into collections according to different sources and arrange them by place or date or event. You also don’t need to have Internet connection always to be able to view the photos because the app has been optimized for offline usage.

But of course there should also be editing features in the app, but it gives you only what you need because it doesn’t want you to go through all the “meaningless options” that some apps have. You have resize and cropping tools, plus drawing tools that can add your personal touch to the photos as well.

Unfortunately for OnePlus owners, the only model that this is compatible with is the OnePlus 2. But they did say they will make announcements soon about the app’s compatibility with their other smartphones. But if you do have a OnePlus 2, you can now down;had the OnePlus Gallery from the Google Play Store for free.