OnePlus 9 Pro Teardown

Have you ever seen a reverse teardown? Well, we haven’t but this interesting teardown video by JerryRigEverything shows us how to build a OnePlus 9 Pro. The OnePlus team sent Zack Nelson parts of the new OnePlus 9 Pro to complete the phone. It’s like repairing the phone but starting midway. The YouTuber took on the challenge and thanked OnePlus for sponsoring the video. Instead of taking apart a device, OnePlus sent a phone completely taken apart. They wanted to see if he could put it all back together.

Looking at the phone’s inside, he noticed the copper chamber that helps catch the heat usually generated while gaming or charging. Some early observations include that LTPO low temperature polycrystalline oxide OLED panel. It is very thin, allowing the heat to escape from the display.

Zack noted there are six cameras inside. The underscreen fingerprint scanner is the smallest. It’s obvious that the Hasselblad-tuned sensors are larger. Our guy pointed some other parts like the rectangular haptic vibrator, two batteries with pull tabs, SIM card tray with charging port ribbon, a water damage indicator, and lower loudspeaker with foam balls.

JerryRigEverything did bring back the motherboard with three 5G antennas. Zack was able to put back most cables and ribbons. So was he able to complete the phone? Success!

He said he missed some screws but that’s all right. It’s challenging to “repair” something you didn’t take apart yourself. OnePlus even sent him an instruction booklet but didn’t use them. Now, will this be a new thing? JerryRigEverything building a phone from components taken apart? That will be interesting.