OnePlus 9 OxygenOS 12

Just the other day, the OxygenOS 12 stable build based on Android 12 OS was released for the OnePlus 9. The flagship series has been receiving a number of updates. The stable version is supposed to make everything better and well, more stable–but sadly, it comes with a number of issues. The latest version delivers a number of new features and improvements like Work Life Balance 2.0, a new Shelf, adjustable dark mod, and revamped icons. There are people who have already tried the stable build and said it’s not as stable as it should be.

A number of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phone owners have shared their complaints. Some reported poor animation, slower WiFi speed, broken Autofill feature, and unable to make or receive phone calls. The update is also said to be missing a few customization features.

Changing icons individually seems to be no longer available. Customization is an important part of OxygenOS but some features seem to be missing. You can’t disable the Google Feed or customize the status bar. For some, they can’t even turn off the battery icon.

For those who have tried it before, the Advanced Reboot feature and the call recording app are now missing. The problems don’t seem to be isolated as numerous users shared the same issues.

OnePlus has not acknowledged what’s been happening but we are expecting it will share a statement soon. We’re hoping an official fix will be released until things get worse. If you haven’t updated to OxygenOS 12 stable, you may want to wait a bit.


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