OnePlus 9 5G

XDA’s chief Mishaal Rahman has shared some images of the upcoming OnePlus 9. The 5G phone seems to be almost ready as a prototype has surfaced on eBay. We’re not sure about the source but definitely it’s a mystery we want to uncover. The OnePlus 9 5G prototype went up for sale last week. It seems the eBay seller was the same guy that has been sharing information with PhoneArena. The eBay listing has actually ended but is still viewable.

The post on eBay exactly lists the product this way: Oneplus 9 5g prototype unlocked for all GSM carriers-not released yet. Definitely, the product is unreleased yet and we’ll never find one anywhere else. The phone was listed with a $3,000 price tag. Some important details have been shared including specs and features.

The Oneplus 9 5G prototype is unlocked for all GSM carriers. It is obviously used but is in excellent condition. The phone runs on Android 11 beta OxygenOS.

Oneplus 9 5G in the works

Only the phone unit will be available as no charger is ready. According to the seller, the prototype unit is meant for him to review. It’s not clear where he got the phone. To be honest, we doubt that the phone should be for sale.

Oneplus 9 5G Phone Features

Let’s look at the information shared on eBay. The phone is set in Metallic Blue. It features a 6.6-inch AMOLED display, 4K video recording, facial recognition, fingerprint sensor, selfie camera, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth, and a triple rear camera system headlined by a 48MP shooter.

The battery may support reverse wireless charging, fast charging, and fast wireless charging. As with most smartphones, this one offers a wide-angle camera, WiFi, and voice-activated dialing among others. The phone is powered by 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 999 processor and comes with 128GB onboard storage.


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