OnePlus 8 Series OxygenOS 11 Update

Another batch of OnePlus phones are receiving the latest OxygenOS updates. The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8T are ready for OxygenOS 11 Open Beta. The OnePlus 8 phones will receive Beta 10 while the 8T will get Beta 5. The open beta builds are ready to download and install on your OnePlus phones. As with most beta versions, these builds are not exactly stable. There will still be issues and problems that may be encountered.

One major addition is the Bitmoji AOD function. It’s now integrated into the build. You can activate the feature right on the Bitmoji App. You may install the app by going to Settings> Customization> Clock on ambient display> Bitmoji> install Bitmoji App in Google Play.

Head on to Bitmoji. Set cartoon characters. You may do so by getting the Cartoon Character Pack. Proceed to Settings> Customization> Clock on ambient display>Bitmoji and then save.

Some other improvements include loading speed of the Privacy Policy page and better text display of the Setup Wizard. Fixes to the following are ready: small probability issue while recording audio with headphones, abnormal display issue in Freeform Windows, and the issue where the status bar displays two SIM cards’ mobile data icons at once. The Android security patch is also now updated to May 2021.

The Bitmoji AOD has been co-designed by Snapchat and Bitmoji. Feel free to create your own Bitmoji avatar. The audio experience when connected to OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Watch has been enhanced as well.

Problems on call record list, Contact page not showing properly, and calling content not displayed have been fixed too. Video preview clarity under 4K 60FPS mode is now better while connection with OnePlus Buds is now more stable. For those concerning the network and connectivity, the issue of non-default data SIM card in gaming mode not able to access 4G has been fixed. Switching to a nearby Wi-Fi network with ease and speed is made possible.