OnePlus 8 OxygenOS 12 Beta Test Program

The OnePlus 8 series and the OnePlus 8 phone are about to get updated. The Android 12 will come disguised as the OxygenOS 12. The Chinese OEM has just announced that the Closed Beta Test Program has begun for the 8 series and 8T phone owners. If you’re interested to test the latest version of Android, you can sign up and report to the OnePlus developers any problem or bug you encounter. You are free to send suggestions so the team can work on them.

Feedback and recommendations are welcome. You can only send them once you are part of the Closed Beta Program. This way, OnePlus can learn from the users so they can revise any product strategy if there is a need.

The first version will be the OOS12 stable MP. OnePlus hopes that 8 series and 8T users will get the build. This will only be a short-term Closed Beta Project so everything will be quick.

The major release of OxygenOS 12 will be based on the beta releases. Of course, OnePlus needs your cooperation. You may want to join the Closed Beta Group to know what’s going on but you have to promise not to let things out.

The CBT package is still not stable so releasing it may cause harm and serious malfunctions on OnePlus devices. Do not share with others. OnePlus will even ask you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you want to be a member.

OnePlus said it will send out 200 OnePlus 8/8Pro owners and another 200 OnePlus 8T users to join the Closed Beta Program. Do note the program may require a number of things like a clean flash for builds. Data loss may happen so flashing must be done at your own risk.

To join the program, make sure you are an active member of the OnePlus Community. You must also be willing to communicate regularly, as well as, provide the OnePlus team feedback on Telegram. Only a total of 400 OnePlus 8/8T phone users may be admitted to the program.


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