OnePlus 5G Phone Specs

The mobile market has started to anticipate for the next OnePlus phone. It’s going to be another flagship phone and it will be more special because of the 5G support as we mentioned earlier. The year 2019 will be all about 5G technology or those foldable phones. The arrival of the Snapdragon 855 by Qualcomm is just perfect as it is ready for the next-gen OnePlus flagship and more devices. We’re not sure if it will be called as the OnePlus 7 but we’re learning it will be expensive.

Well, we don’t think it will be too expensive but definitely, the price will be higher compared to the previous models. The OnePlus 6T’s highest-specced model, the 8GB RAM with 256GB of built-in storage, only costs $629 but the next phone may be around $800-$900.

The entry-level is only $549. It’s an affordable high-end flagship smartphone that offers premium specs. You got to hand it to the Chinese OEM for coming up with gadgets that are affordable.

As for the upcoming OnePlus phone, its price will be higher by $200 to $300 because of the 5G tech. There is no confirmation yet but we won’t be surprised if it happens.

We’re just hoping though not all companies planning to release 5G devices will follow the same pattern. Let’s wait and see.

Earlier, we noted too the OnePlus 7 will be the first phone to use Snapdragon 855. A correction was made recently, saying that it’s only among the first smartphones. Not the first, just one of the firsts.

VIA: The Verge