After a durability test, JerryRigEverything usually makes another video that turns a mobile device’s rear panel transform with a clear or transparent design. An Ifixit teardown was recently shared and now it’s Zack Nelson’s turn, only days after doing the same thing on the Razer Phone 2. A cool transparent look is targeted and we’re confident prying open the OnePlus 6T will be done easily. It gets easier every time even if there’s lots of glue. The key here is to just be careful in removing the rear panel.

With some heat gun and a pry tool, our tech guy managed to separate the phone. It’s more solid and now has better water-resistance although there is no specific IP rating.

Removing the back panel can be done after more heat is applied. Insert the tool and try to separate the whole panel. Be careful not to break it.

Once the back panel is removed, scratch the paint carefully and slowly. Taking the Android phone apart is relatively easy. If the transparent back panel is ready, you can see the phone’s nice, red battery. People may give your phone a second look if this happens.