The age of 5G connectivity has finally arrived. Well, its reach may be limited but at least in the United States, we know a lot of areas have been covered already. We don’t know how many people have tried 5G in South Korea but we believe the networks will roll out the superfast mobile connectivity earlier than scheduled. The beauty of 5G will not only be for mobile browsing but it is expected to be available for other industries and devices.

OnePlus has described the new 5G service as “flying at warp speed”. This means multiplayer VR games can be played in real time. Downloading HD films can be finished in a few seconds.

The possibilities are endless and so OnePlus is offering rewards for those who can come up with great 5G apps. 5G data speed is upon anyone’s reach but it can only be appreciated if we’re using apps that really require data speed.

OnePlus has launched the 5G Apps of Tomorrow program which means developers can submit their ideas. Only app concepts are needed and you can explain them by sending videos.

The submission must include reasons as to why 5G speed is important to the concept. You don’t have to start developing the app. Just share your ideas and we’ll see if OnePlus will take notice.

Deadline of submission is March 26. Five final ideas will be chosen and each winner will receive a 5G phone which we’re assuming now is the OnePlus 7 5G.

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VIA: SlashGear