Our friends over at SlashGear have just managed to test the OnePlus 5 and use its new dual camera system for some outdoor and indoor photography. We want to see if the new flagship phone can live up to its promises especially in imaging. This is just an initial test part of a more extensive review of the OnePlus 5. We copied the samples and uploaded here for your convenience. Note that the photos were not edited but only resized.

To start with, the OnePlus 5 comes equipped with a 16MP and 20MP dual rear camera system plus a 16MP front-facing selfie shooter. This is the first time the Chinese OEM is using a dual camera setup for clearer photos. That’s how OnePlus is marketing the new OnePlus: as a new imaging-centric smartphone. The company teamed up with DxoMark for this one so we have high expectations.

The first set below was taken one slightly cloudy afternoon. The sun is partially out so the lightning condition was just alright. Check the images below:

When used indoors and with only an incandescent bulb light lighting a room, here are samples:

The results were good enough with small details being captured with the help of some light and the LED flash and auto-zoom doing their job. The OnePlus 5 dual camera is fast in taking photos and offers good macro and fast shutter speed. Focus is 40% faster while the f/1.7 aperture is larger.

We’re more interested in the zoom function of this phone because OnePlus said it has 2x lossless zoom which is actually just 1.6x optical zoom.On the other hand, digital zoom is 2X.

Some photos were taken with Depth Effect mode. Interestingly, those captured with such were shown with ‘bokeh’ on the filename.

VIA: SlashGear


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