Even before its official launch, the OnePlus 3 has proven to be controversial. We highly anticipated for its global VR launch and we were impressed that it comes equipped with a 6GB RAM. That should mean better RAM management but unfortunately, performance isn’t as great as the latest Samsung Galaxy flagships that only have 4GB RAM. We did see how it performed in a speedtest and compared to a Galaxy S7 edge and soon enough, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei replied to questions about RAM management.

Pei explained OnePlus has a “different strategy for RAM management that benefits the battery.” This means coding of the RAM is more to benefit battery life. It should be good news for those people wishing for longer battery life from the OnePlus phone but the point of having more RAM really is for the phone to be faster. OnePlus did seem to have listened as a new OTA build will be released soon.

The updated Oxygen OS (v3.1.4) is also expected to fix the issue on inaccurate display. RAM management should be better now but only for review units. Android Authority happened to receive the news and shared what OnePlus said the new build will bring.

Expect sRGB mode to be enabled so colors may be toned down while RAM management policies will be changed a bit for faster loading especially of gaming apps. All these improvements will be on the OTA build for review units. We’re hoping OnePlus’ response will make the OnePlus 3 a better mobile device because it certainly has potential to be a powerful gadget.

VIA: Android Authority