OnePlus already answered why the new OnePlus 3’s battery is only 3000mAh compared to the 3200mAh and 3100mAh of the first and second generation models. Company executive and founder Carl Pei said in a Reddit thread that the Dash Charge plus the car charger will be useful. He said the OnePlus 3’s battery is enough to last the user a whole day.

Last month, OnePlus was caught filing a trademark for Dash Charge. True enough, it’s the latest technology added to the latest flagship phone that will hopefully justify OnePlus’ decision to use a smaller battery. It’s the company’s very own tech which can be compared to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge.

We have high expectations about this one but we haven’t checked yet if it’s indeed faster than Quick Charge, Fast Charging, or TurboPower Charging. We just learned that a specific charger must be used. Of course, that’s expected because it’s a new technology developed by OnePlus. It will even come with a special proprietary cable from the OEM.

As if it’s not the standard today in the mobile industry, the CEO of OnePlus said that for Dash Charge to work correctly and efficiently, users must use the supplied charger and cable. Doing so will ensure technology will work perfectly. You can use other charging cables but don’t expect Dash Charge to work. The phone can detect if wrong cable is used so it will slow down the charging speed.

This is actually a good way to make sure that the phone will safely and quickly receive the higher current. However, this means other USB Type-C cables won’t work. OnePlus 3 owners will be required to buy charging accessories directly from OnePlus. That makes sense. Proprietary accessories are not bad. In fact, they are usually better and safer. The only problem we see is that they can be expensive than ordinary cables.

According to OnePlus, Dash Charge is the fastest today. We’re just not sure yet how good is its “cooling” feature. but we’ll see.

VIA: Android Authority