Microsoft OneNote for Android has recently been updated. Microsoft is touting this as being a major update, one they are referring to as version 2, though the app store shows the true version as being 15.0.1827.2300. Putting that mouthful of a version number to the side and we find an update that brings a more consistent experience across devices.

Microsoft has that listed as being “something no one has delivered to date — until now.” That aside, the key here is that OneNote should now look and function the same across different devices and different platforms. Some of the specifics here include the way the app handles text formatting, tables with shading and borders, layout, hyperlinks and note tags.

Additionally, if you are inking on a Windows tablet, that ink will now be shown on Android. Some of the other additions and changes include support for Office 365 based notes and support for a roaming Most Recently Used list. This OneNote update also added search and the ability to create audio notes.

Widget lovers will be also be happy to learn there is now a home screen widget with quick actions for capturing image and audio notes. Finally, and perhaps key here, this update added some new note formatting options and support for full fidelity viewing.

With that, OneNote for Android can be found in the Google Play Store and requires Android 4.0 or later along with a Microsoft account and a SkyDrive Pro account if you are looking to sync your data.

SOURCE: Microsoft