If you or your company are deep into the whole Microsoft ecosystem, then chances are you use OneDrive for your file sharing and cloud uploading needs. But if you’ve noticed, the mobile version of the service isn’t as robust as the browser and desktop client. The latest update to the app is trying to remedy that by bringing a similar experience to your smartphone or tablet so you can still work and collaborate even when mobile and working remotely.

Having the ability to work and collaborate even when you’re not in front of your computer is a must in this age of digital nomads. So having a “unified” experience across desktop, web, and mobile and across all Microsoft products will be extremely helpful. They say the same sharing experience that you have on Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint can also now be experienced on your OneDrive app for Android.

They didn’t really explain what that means but based on what we have sharing-wise for desktop and web, this means you can share files easily and also have control over who has access to these files on your OneDrive. This can be a public, open access, just sharing to people in your organization, sharing to specific people only, etc. You can also easily choose whether or not to let people have the ability to edit or just view your files.

If you’re still looking for a cloud service for your work and collaborations, OneDrive is actually a pretty good option, especially if you use other Microsoft programs anyway. If you already use it, update your app to the latest version to enjoy the easier sharing features.

SOURCE: Microsoft