Two important Microsoft apps are getting new updates and with that comes new features to help with your productivity and work flow as well as make it easier to work with on your mobile. Cloud storage service OneDrive now lets you move your files to your SD card so you can have more space on your mobile device. Meanwhile, email app Outlook follows up its semi major update last week with a minor one this week as it brings Search “front and center” on the navigation bar.

For OneDrive, one of the most requested features from users is a way for users to be able to move the content of the app to the SD card. Version 5.9 of the app now lets you do this so you can have more space on your smartphone or tablet for other files and apps that you won’t be able to save on the SD card. Just go to the app settings on your Android device to move the app but you need to update to the latest version first before you can do so. There are also under the hood improvements for the Photos view so you can get back to your memories faster.

Meanwhile, the Outlook update brings users a new and improved search experience with the search bar being in the front and center of the simplified navigation bar. From the search tab, you’ll be able to have direct access to top contacts, upcoming travel itineraries, package deliveries, recent attachments, etc. You can search for both emails and contacts in that search box and contacts and files are also integrated directly.

You can update both your OneDrive and Outlook apps to be able to enjoy these new features. Just head to their respective Google Play pages to update.