There used to be a time when our personal and business life, whether real-life or digital, were two separate entities. But as mobile devices and interconnectivity continue to dominate most of our lives, it suddenly becomes important that the two sometimes become seamlessly integrated. Microsoft‘s OneDrive for Android’s latest update does just that, giving you just one app to access both your personal and business accounts.

Previously, the mobile app only supported the OneDrive for consumers and you were only able to access your OneDrive for Business files through your desktop. But this time around, you just have one app where two can be found, but separately of course. Don’t worry, there will not be any confusion as to which photos are of your latest vacation and which are the ones to be included in your business presentation.

There is a shelf user interface that slides in from the left, where you can choose which of your OneDrives you should access. If you backup your mobile photos on OneDrive, they will only be saved in your personal files, not your work files. Another new feature is that you can protect your files by locking it with a four-digit PIN, an important option especially if you have sensitive office documents in your cloud. You can also now open files from OneDrive in your other apps, which makes it easier to integrate the app with other aspects of your mobile life.


The update has already been rolled out to users. If you still don’t have OneDrive on your smartphone, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: OneDrive