Samsung Galaxy Watch ONE UI

The latest ONE UI for Watch update has just been released. There is no official announcement from Samsung but the new version has appeared. The watch software includes the new One UI for Watch where you can quickly see information on your smartwatch at a glance. A new look shows updated motion graphics and interface. Watch faces and new designs can also be downloaded now. The update also delivers a new Quick Panel that adds support for more pages for quick access to a setting control. Under Settings, you will see the update menu for easier preview and discovery.

For frequent users, there is the daily briefing setting that makes the watch smarter. You can also set to wake up screen just by touching. Sleeping more can now be turned on or off unlike before.

Other changes will be evident in the Samsung Health app. Choose Daily Activity feature so you can keep track of your workout or just about any movement.

This particular update is for the new Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Active. Even if you don’t have the Active variant, you can still enjoy its features with the current updates available.

Aside from the Galaxy Watch, the old Samsung Gear Sport and Gear S3 are also eligible for the One UI update. This update will match the One UI on the latest Galaxy smartphones.

Right on your Galaxy Watch screen, you are given more control with the settings. Enable the Goodnight mode or set how often you want to see the Daily Briefings. The Samsung Health app has also been upgraded to track outdoor swimming.

Sleep tracking shows more details while the heart rate alerts have also been improved. Other usual enhancements that can be noted include better battery life, memory management, fine-tuning of other settings.