Samsung Good Lock One UI 3.0

The ONE UI 3.0’s more stable build has started to roll out to the Galaxy S20. It will be available to more Galaxy devices as we mentioned earlier this week. The new One UI brings fresher design and extended customization to some of the latest Galaxy smartphones whether premium, mid-range, or budget-friendly. A schedule has been shared online and we’re expecting Samsung to keep its promise. The beta program has been open but may be closed for a few models now that the Stable version is ready.

Unfortunately, there are some issues that have surfaced since the One UI 3 is installed. A source has shared information that the One UI 3 may break some Good Lock modules like LockStart, Task Changer, EdgeLighting+, NotiStar, NavStar, and MultiStar. Apparently, some may not work.

Good Lock doesn’t really notify the users what is working or what isn’t. You may see some some modules appearing “unplugged” but they are actually installed. If you haven’t updated to One UI 3 yet you may wait for a few more days and see if Samsung will roll out a fix.

You are free to update to One UI 3 but like we said, some modules may not work properly. There may be missing modules. Some may also need updating as well to work. It’s a risky move so we suggest you wait for a bit especially if you use them frequently.

The Good Lock modules not working properly isn’t exactly surprising. It took a while for One UI 2 to receive Good Lock. The system isn’t perfect yet but we were expecting Samsung had already worked on those issues even before the Stable version is released.


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