While most of us probably have our devices on vertical orientation when we’re not using it, there are still those who for one reason or another would want to have another option for that. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 which shipped out running on One UI 1.1, then you actually have an alternative. One of the minor changes that came with the new UI is that you can now choose to have your Always On Display in the landscape orientation.

Aside from having big new features like Digital Wellbeing and Bixby Routines, the One UI 1.1 brings you other things like the aforementioned landscape orientation for when you want you AOD to reflect your phone’s position as well. This is handy for those times when you’re lying in bed with your phone or when you’re charging your phone on a wireless charger and it is placed horizontally. Or if you just feel like having your phone in that position.

To try out the horizontal orientation for the first time, go to your settings from the app drawer or from the notification shade. Tap on Lock Screen then Always On Display then AOD settings. You’ll find the Screen Orientation option towards the bottom. Then choose from the millions of options there. Kidding. You can only choose between Portrait or Landscape of course.

After that, if you need to change your orientation again, you just have to tap on the AOD display and then the rotation icon. Or if you still want the long way, do all the steps we mentioned before. This horizontal orientation option is also available on the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 that are already on One UI 1.1. No word yet if this will be available in other devices once they’ve updated but that’s what will probably happen.

VIA: SAM Mobile


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