We were thinking that it might take a while for the independent ROM developers to get at Android 5.0 Lollipop and integrate it into their builds – mainly because a lot of people would probably want to explore and enjoy pure vanilla Android Lollipop first. But lo and behold, the OmniROM project has become the first to integrate Android 5.0 to their build and have a device boot up OmniROM with a Lollipop flavor.

The OmniROM project was announced only a couple of years back – and some say it was a reaction to the commercialization of the CyanogenMod ROM project. A lot of famous names and developers got together to start putting out a different flavor to Android 4.x, and the response has been warm to say the least.


Now we think congratulations are in order, as OmniROM has become the first major ROM project to successfully integrate Android 5.0 and boot up a device successfully. This feat was done on a Nexus 7 (2013 version). Naturally, there are still a lot of bugs, but the project devs have assured the public that they are committed to ironing out these bugs within the year.


Go on over to the official OmniROM Lollipop thread for more information on the progress of this specific aspect of the OmniROM project. And tell us your thoughts about it via the comments section.