We haven’t talked about OmniROM for a while now, and that is for a reason – the popular custom ROM project hasn’t been active for a while now. Fast forward to May 2017, and there has been a flurry of activity from the OmniROM team. More specifically, weekly and nightly builds are now available based on Android 7.1.2.

OmniROM is one of the more popular custom ROM projects because of their clean builds and nice feature sets. But they just haven’t been that active in the past few months, or so we thought. First we saw the team’s Gerrit code review portal get updated – which means people are actually working on the project. Then they put out a new announcement on their blog saying that OmniROM with Android 7.1.2 is now available for a good number of devices.

Included in the list are new devices – the Motorola G4 and G4 Plus, and the Redmi Note 3. Aside from that, the other devices include the Sony Xperis Z5, the OnePlus One, the Google Nexus 9, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X among others.

You can find the complete list of devices updated to Android 7.1.2 via the source link below. Also, you can check out their download page for the flashable ZIP files.