Ever since its incarnation, one of Android’s crowning achievements is its ability to multitask or have multiple apps truly running at the same time. While Android does have a built-in way to switch between those apps, OmniROM believes it can do even better and has thus started work on OmniSwitch.

While OmniSwitch does everything that the built-in recent apps switcher can, it adds a few conveniences to the process. For one it can popup by simply swiping from either left or right side of the display. It can also, of course optionally, serve as an overlay dock that gives access to a list of favorite applications. And aside from simply closing all recent apps, OmniSwitch also has Action Buttons for closing all other apps except the currently running one and switching back and forth to the most recent app used.

Naturally, a feature as powerful as this comes with its own boatload of configuration options, down to the opacity of the overlay as well as the choice to animate its appearance or not. Users will also be able to choose which side of the device serves as the trigger and the actual length of the trigger area. There is also an auto-hide feature to prevent accidentally triggering OmniSwitch. However, this turns the trigger into a two-step gesture, with the first swipe showing the drag handle and a second swipe to actually show the overlay.

In line with the project’s overall goals and philosophy, the feature is being developed in the open as an open source application. The OmniROM team is planning to make it possible to use OmniSwitch as a replacement for the stock recent apps view as well as introducing folder support for the favorites list.