We’ve talked about OmniROM a number of times already here at Android Community. This was a project started a few years back in the wake of the CyanogenMod ROM project going commercial, and the response to the project has been very warm, with a number of famous developers getting on with the program. There were questions on how fast they were going to be able to put out a Lollipop-flavored ROM, and seeing as they were able to boot a device recently under Android 5.0, it shouldn’t take long.

OmniROM – in a recent post – has admitted that they haven’t been very good at communicating project progress to their followers. They’re even inviting tech bloggers and writers to volunteer and do exactly that for them. But within the post, they have communicated their optimism about being able to put out a ROM soon based on the Android Open Source Project 5.0 (AOSP).

The developers are saying that when they do come out with one, it might only be for a few devices – mainly those with native hardware support for Android Lollipop at the beginning. The lack of OEM support for Android 5.0 (for now) makes it difficult to put out ROMs with AOSP 5.0 as a platform. But they are calling on devs to join the project to see if they can widen the support for an AOSP 5.0-based ROM to older devices.


OmniROM devs also lament the fact that Google seems to be withdrawing some of its critical apps as part of the G-apps package for AOSP, and OmniROM devs say that they are working on correcting that. That probably means that they will be ripping said apps from proprietary Android 5.0 builds. So hold on to your hats folks, it shouldn’t take long for an OmniROM build to come out sporting Lollipop flavors.



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