If you’re going to be gone in the wild for a few days without a power source, you would probably want to bring with you the most powerful, portable charger that you can find. A new product from Omnicharge is currently in the crowdfunding phase but since it has met 710% of its funding goal, you can expect to see it in the market. The Omni Ultimate boasts of four different kinds of output and has a massive, removable battery to power you through wherever you’re going and whatever it is you’re doing.

The Omni Ultimate has a 40,300 mAh removable battery which should last you through your power needs, depending on how many devices you will power and how many days you’ll be away from a power outlet. You may be shooting a documentary film or you’re doing research in the field or you may just be camping with family and friends. The device comes with “best in class charging technologies” for whoever needs power on the go.

It has an AC outlet so you’ll be able to power your laptop, drone, DSLR cameras, and even small appliances. It also has a DC output with adjustable voltage and amp, between 5V – 60V up to 8A with o.1V/A increments. For your smaller devices, you have a USB-C port with output up to 60W. It can also accept input power from most USB-C chargers. It also has 2 fast charging USB-A ports with an output of 5V / 3A each and they’re compatible with quick charging 3.0.

What’s more, the Omni Ultimate is solar ready and can accept power from most of the solar panels in the market. It also has pass-through charging so even while it’s being recharged, you can still plug in devices to be charged. It has a removable battery pack so you can always replace it down the line. It is also splash and dust resistant so even when you’re trudging through a jungle, it’s probably safe.

If you get the Omni Ultimate while it’s still in the IndieGoGo crowdfunding space, you can get the 120V AC one at just $299. When it comes out in the market, it will be priced at $599 already. The estimated delivery time is January 2019.



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