It seems that there is no stopping wearable computers, especially smartwatches like Omate’s TrueSmart, from becoming the next big fad. But with any nascent technology, there are bound to be kinks to be ironed out and questions to be answered, such as one of the most prevalent question of all: how will smartwatches deal with text input?

Samsung and Pebble provide a rather simple workaround, deciding to entirely disallow text input via a keyboard on the minuscule screen. Omate, however, has a two-pronged answer. The most basic answer is that Omate TrueSmart supports any and all Android keyboards, meaning that you have a full QWERTY on-screen keyboard at your disposal when you need it or when the app requires it.

The more practical answer, however, is that by allowing any Android keyboard to be used, Omate has opened the doors to more specialized keyboards that do well on a device such as a smartwatch. An example of this is the Fleksy keyboard, which features an invisible mode that gets the keyboard out of the way of the screen real estate. Here’s a clip of Fleksy running on the Omate TrueSmart to get an idea how it works.

Of course, there’s always voice dictation, which has improved quite well on Android. And while the TrueSmart does support Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, it will probably not be the easiest, not to mention most portable, thing to do, especially when your screen is only 1.54 inches.

VIA: SlashGear