Despite many of the Kickstarter backers still being without their Omate TrueSmart just yet, it seems there has been some goodies out of a recent hackathon. Coming by way of TeamWin, the Omate TrueSmart now has an available custom ROM. Thanks to Dees Troy, who shared the news on Google+, we have seen that TWRP v2.6 has arrived for the TrueSmart.

The necessary files to get up and running, along with a full set of directions can be found on the TeamWin site. Summing up the process a bit, users will need to download the GooManager app and begin the process by installing the OpenRecoveryScript. From that point you will need to also make sure your TrueSmart is rooted and have the MTK Flash Tool.

The full set of directions can be found here, and otherwise, what you will be greeted with upon completion is a 240 x 240 version of TWRP. While any loading of custom ROM files does have potential to go wrong, this does come with the typical warnings from the team. Basically, proceed with caution and don’t blame anyone beside yourself should something go wrong.


Otherwise, on a positive note, the list of known issues is rather short. The one and only item on the list at the moment is how the battery percentage will incorrectly display 50 percent for “the first minute or so.” With that, if you happen to already have your Omate and want to do some playing, have at it, but for most, we suspect this will simply mean waiting for your watch to arrive.

VIA: Android Police