It seems like affordable smartwathes is the name of the game this early in 2015 as various OEMs and manufacturers claim that they have the best “cheapest” wearable in the market. The newest one to join the fray is Omate, known for producing stylish smartwatches, and this time around they’re bringing more accessible (but not really less stylish) wearables, the Roma and the Racer.

Just like its previous smartwatches, these new members of their family are powered by the ARM7 MediaTek Aster chipset, making them among the few devices running on this technology. They also carry the transflective touchscreen of the Omate Lutetia (released last year), as well as the near-circular shape. After they finished studying up on the industrial and mechanical aspects of the smartwatches, they then focused on the fashion part since Omate’s stylishness is what users took notice of when they released their first wearables. The Roma seems to be Panerai-inspired while the Racer is the more sporty version of the other Omate watches.

In terms of functionality, the companion smartwatches serve as notification centers and activity trackers, with the Omate management app allowing you to enable or disable the apps that you want to be updated with. Watchfaces can be changed, interface customized, apps added, shortcuts created, etc. You don’t need to install the management app on your smartwatch, just on your connected smartphone.

The Omate Racer can be preordered from January 5 to 15 and it will only cost you $99, and then $129 until January 31. No word yet on the final pricing. There are also no pricing details yet on the Omate Roma but shipping of preorders (no dates yet when it starts) will begin by the end of February 2015.