With so many Bluetooth speakers available in the market, those who are not content with having a simple one would always look out for the most unique devices out there. The Om One Bluetooth speaker is ready to stand out from among the rest, as it has a levitating orb that would fascinate observers, while also providing sound quality that would rival the best ones out there.

It is not magic that makes the orb speaker levitate, but rather the simple power of magnets. A Neo magnet is located at the bottom of the orb, which in turn reacts to the electromagnet of the speaker base, making it float in the air just above it. You can connect the speaker to your phone, computer or wherever else you store your music, as long as it has Bluetooth 4.0. The speaker has “world class true stereo sound” and if you happen to have another levitating orb speaker floating around, you can pair them to give you an even better true sound experience.

You can also use the Om One speaker to pick up your calls just like a speaker phone, since it has a microphone built in. So you can pretend to be talking to a floating orb, just like what you saw in an old science fiction film. In terms of power, it claims to have improved battery life since it only uses 3 watts as opposed to most speakers that use around 10 watts.


The Om One speaker is also very portable so you can bring it anywhere you want and show it off to your friends. However, your desk or study table is probably the perfect spot for it, as it could also be decorative aside from functional. The speakers will be available later this year and is expected to cost around $179 in retail stores.


VIA: SlashGear