It is looking like OLPC will soon be launching a tablet for those in the US market. The tablet is running Android, aimed at the education market and is expected to be available exclusively with Walmart. According to the latest details coming from OLPC, the XOTablet will be available beginning on July 16th.

As mentioned, the initial launch will be a Walmart exclusive. The tablet will also be arriving with other retailers “soon afterward” though. While they haven’t offered any specifics in terms of other retailers, OLPC has said the XOTablet will arrive with “many of the top retailers” in the US and Europe (and across North and South America).

Time will tell whether the tablet arrives on July 16th as expected, but in the meantime we will point out that there has already been one delay. The XOTablet was originally expected to arrive with Walmart in June. Basically, it seems this has become a game of wait and see. For now we can say the XOTablet is a low-priced tablet that is running a customized Android user interface.

We aren’t all that convinced this tablet will make a big splash when it arrives, but as we often see, we expect some will be making the comparison to the Nexus 7. In this case that is probably not a fair comparison, however this could still serve to replace the Nexus 7 to some extent. The reasoning there, the XOTablet looks like a kids tablet and it will be relatively inexpensive. And on top of the looks, it has software that pushes kids towards education and learning — something that parents want for their kids.

VIA: Liliputing