The smart home game is advancing. It’s slow but it’s happening. In the past few weeks and months, we’ve witnessed a number of good news about this industry with all the new products, related services, and integration. Alexa and the Google Assistant are at the forefront right now and we expect more improvements in the coming years. As for the new products, we know they will just keep on coming like this new intelligent lighting solution called ‘Olie’.

Olie is an intelligent lighting collection that offers voice assistance and wireless charging. The idea is that other smart devices are eliminated because Olie can be found on lamps around the home. There’s a desk, floor, and bedside lamp powered by Olie. It brings wireless charging together with a smart assistant. You can ditch your wireless charging pad or smart speaker right now because the Olie Collection can be enough.

The simple design of the Olie is impressive. Each lamp is made from aluminum so it can blend well with your other stuff at home. That’s not surprising since the team behind the lamps are the same designers of the Misfit SHINE. They’re trying to raise $30,000 but they’ve gone over the target by 112% already, thanks to those 21 backers from all over the globe.

SOURCE: Indiegogo


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