This is a ‘1986 Google Pi Intercom’ but sorry, you may not find this anywhere because it’s a special mod from an old Radio Shack Intercom that Martin Mander converted into a Google Home style device. We’re not really surprised with this hack because any techie person who knows and understands stuff can do this. With the help of a Raspberry Pi mini computer and Google’s AIY Kit, this retro-looking intercom became a Google Home device. The Artificial Intelligence Yourself Kit by Google actually came free with a MagPi magazine according to our tech guy.

We’re guessing others will follow and use the Raspberry Pi, AIY, and Google Home on other gadgets. You see, the Google Home smart speaker works well but it’s not exactly a sight to behold. The Amazon Echo looks better with its cylindrical form but really, designs of these smart home devices can be better.

Google and the Raspberry Pi team actually partnered to integrate the Pi and the Google Natural Language Interaction. Instructions were provided and Mander was able to house the system into an old intercom. It looks better and is actually fun to use as demonstrated in this video. Google Home is basically a more advanced intercom-slash-smart-voice-assistant so it’s fitting to be installed in a home intercom.

Mander shared how he did the hack with full instructions on Instructables. You can do as he did but feel free to do your own mod. You can try doing this on other old intercoms or maybe old phones or whatever device you can think of. Just don’t forget to share your mod journey.

VIA: Instructables


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