TI Nspire CX graphic calculator on Android cupcake

The Android OS being ported to difference devices is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, we can expect it happening on almost any device because that’s how open source Android is. Aside from smartphones, Android also runs on tablets, smartwatches, computers, smart TVs, smart home appliances, and cars among others. We’re expecting more will be added to the list because Android really is easy to decode, tweak, and run.

Back in the day, we may never imagine a mobile OS running on a graphic calculator but it’s possible. Android was able to run on the TI Nspire CX. The calculator features only a 3.2-inch screen, 320 x 240 pixel display, 100MB of storage, 150 MHz ARM-based processor, and some 64MB RAM. Very low specs for a mini computer but surprisingly, it was able to run an old Android mobile OS.

An Android-powered graphic calculator may not be needed but it’s cool to have another nerdy device running Android. A certain Josh (@joshumax) just wanted to see if Android could be ported on the calculator. The result? Yes. He was able to run Android 1.6 Cupcake complete with video playback and keyboard working on the small screen.

Is this necessary? Not really but you can’t stop geeks from trying out everything. What’s more impressive though is the fact that an older version of Android can run on a low specced device. I wonder where Android will be ported next.

VIA: Liliputing


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