The hands-free ‘Ok Google’ voice search arrived for Chrome desktop users back in February. At the time the support was limited to desktop users willing to play with a beta release, but there is a bit of good news for those who had been waiting. Google has said the hands-free voice search is now rolling out for all Chrome users.

Well, for desktop Chrome users in the US anyway. On the flip side, this support will be available for those using Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Additional language support is expected, however Google has yet to provide any sort of firm timeline. For now though — this means those in the US will be able to perform a desktop based search with their voice.

The ‘Ok Google’ support will be available at the Google homepage and also when opening a new browser tab. You’ll simply need to say ‘Ok Google’ and follow that with your search command. This can be used for general searches, or something a bit more specific such as “Ok Google, how many ounces are in a cup.”

You can also use this to set timers and create Google Now reminders. The timer command is as follows; Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes. Naturally, you can substitute the time you need. Similarly, the Google Now reminders are created by saying “Ok Google, remind me to (what you need a reminder for).

Those looking to make sure this is turned off can navigate to Settings -> Advanced -> Privacy and make sure to uncheck the option for “Enable “Ok Google” to start a voice search.”

SOURCE: +Chrome