Have you ever wondered what other commands you can get your Android device to do for you, aside from setting your alarm clock or asking what’s your schedule for the day? Well someone wants to help you out by listing down all the possible voice commands that you can give your device and put them all on a website so you can easily search through them and see what else you can get your smartphone to do through Google Now. The site is simply called, wait for it, OK Google.

The site is simple enough and the commands are classified into various categories like Social Apps, Reminders, Maps & Navigation, Sports, Travel & Flights and so on and so forth. Then various iterations of commands and questions that you can give your Android device are listed. The site documents over 150 voice commands and almost a thousand example permutations for the commands.

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While some are pretty standard, you may also be able to discover things like you can command your phone to increase its brightness or to set the volume to max. While of course you can’t have all the possible OK Google things you can say or ask, it is a pretty comprehensive list and as far as we know, there aren’t any other sites like it.

Even the website itself is pretty simple and beautiful and is very easy to navigate. The mobile version also has a good interface, so no need for an app, at least for now.