There will be tablets aplenty coming out this summer, in fact, we may even decide to call it “the summer of the tablet”. And we had heard that OGT Mobile had a tablet coming out called the Eros Tablet, and that it is called “the world’s thinnest tablet”. But we don’t know much more than that. Today, OGT has come out with a teaser video to get us all excited.

The video has suspenseful music, along with text that comes flying at you. The descriptive phrases and adjectives used to describe the new Eros tablet in the video are: the next big thing, a whole new way, something killer, beyond magical, one of a kind, innovative, flat out stunning, incredible, wonderful, and unreal.

Then, the shot goes to a shadowy outline of a tablet. And OGT promises to surprise us all with this tagline: “Every so often a product comes along that shakes up the industry. It gives you unexpected features and makes you wonder why they weren’t always standard. Prepare to be unleashed.”

We look forward to seeing what OGT has in store, and if it actually is as surprising as they promise. We’ll keep you up to date, and let you know when we get more information.

Here is the video:


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