When you’re working on something on your mobile device, Internet access isn’t always reliable. So sometimes, you need to save or access files on your Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides apps but since you forgot to make it available offline, you would not be able to. Until now. The latest update to these three mobile apps, Google is making it easier for you to access these important files so you will not have a heart attack if you desperately need them but connection is spotty.

So starting today, your mobile apps will automatically sync what you’ve been working on, whether it’s a proposal plan in your Docs app, a sales spreadsheet in your Sheets, or your next class lesson on Slides. So even if you forgot to give it offline access, it will still automatically save so you’ll be able to open the updated version even if you don’t have Internet.

If you have a problem with storage on your device, or if your document is already “stale”, then Google will remove the older ones from the offline files stored in your device. And if you want to see what are the saved offline documents you have on your device, just go to the overflow menu of each app and you’ll see a list there, both of the manual and automatic saves. Those that have been saved offline manually will now have a checkmark, while the pin icon are for the auto saves.

The update is already starting to rollout to several users, but it might take more than 3 days for this feature to be visible for everyone. So let’s just be patient and continue to save files manually if we want offline access.

SOURCE: Google