Though it may seem like an app, it’s actually a browser-based experience. Is this the future of apps? Or the past? Google has announced today that they’ve been working on an “app-like” way to check the weather, available to everyone right this moment by searching for “weather” in your web browser on This project has been available for some time, but features added today make it a sight to behold.

Everyone loves sliders, right? Now you can use a giant slider in this official Google weather experience to get a detailed hourly breakdown of projected conditions. You’ll be able to check temperature, wind speed, humidity, and how all of these items are expected to go up, down, sideways, and upside-down throughout the day. Fun added environmental features are added to this site as well, such as color-changing backgrounds throughout the day. Is this enough to make you turn away from apps like Weatherbug and My-Cast Weather? Maybe. Especially considering the difference between $4 and free can be a sub sandwich in a lot of people’s consideration books.

[Via Google]