Android and Google just keep getting more and more social. After making an official Twitter and Google+ page late last year they are back and now have an official social page for all things Android Development. The Android dev team now has a dedicated social space for developers to meet, share, learn, and connect with one another.

This will be a great place for new and experienced developers to meet and share ideas. Not to mention a great place for learning and information. They’ll be sharing neat tips and all sorts of other things for the developer world here. If you’ve been looking for an area to expand your Android developer knowledge this is a good place to start.

Launching just a few hours ago they already have almost 7000 followers that have circled them on Google’s new social network site, and we can only expect that number to continue to grow. This will largely be successful based on the developer community as a whole. If they take this opportunity the page should really blow up. If you’ve been eager to learn more, or just want to follow along feel free to add them to your circles today via the link below.

[via +Android Developers]