So with all of the Honeycomb news announced at CES, and now pouring in with the SDK, one thing was completely looked over. What exactly will be representing Android 3.0 Honeycomb? Well according to some files within the SDK code, we find out that it’s not an actual honeycomb, it’s an Android Bee – Tron style.

Clearly they took some design elements from Tron, but it really does fit well with what we’ve seen with Honeycomb so far. From the ultra-cool clock to the neon accents the Android Honeycomb bee fits in perfectly with the upcoming OS.

One thing that certainly disappoints us is that this bee did not show up on Google’s lawn as did the other representations of previous operating systems. Just think: a blue neon-glowing Android Bee lighting up building 44 – how great that would be.

What do you think of the official logo?

[Via Phandroid]


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