If you own the new Samsung Galaxy Note that launched not long ago, you may be interested in some cool accessories to go along with the device. Clove in the UK has a new line of accessories just for the Galaxy Note including docks and adapters for more connectivity. The devices include a desktop cradle, a car cradle, and a MHL/HDMI adapter.

The first of the accessories is the MHL/HDMI adapter that will allow you to connect to your TV and more. That little adapter sells for £20.82 before VAT. It plugs into the microUSB port on the smartphone. One of the accessories that will be the most popular is the official Galaxy note vehicle dock. It includes a suction cup windshield mount to hold the Note and a car charger to keep it powered.

The vehicle dock sells for £33 before VAT. The last of the new accessories is the Galaxy Note official Desktop Dock selling for £32. This dock holds the screen of the note up at different angles so you can comfortably view the device. It also has the space needed to charge the Note when it is in the dock, but you need your own charging cable.