If you are an on the go pro that needs to keep track of anything from receipts to business cards a new app is available that will upload whatever you need to track and save to the cloud. The app will also be a great way to upload things for students and anyone else that you want to save. The app is called OfficeDrop and it is sort of like a cloud-based filing cabinet. All the user needs to do to scan and upload something is snap a photo of it with the camera.

The snapped shot with the Android smartphone camera can then be uploaded directly to the cloud for storage. The app is on the Android Market right now and will be coming to the Amazon App Store soon. the app works with Android 2.2 and up and it has many other features too. The app allows for searching of the file text with OCR technology. Files uploaded can be tagged with keywords for sorting and retrieval.

The app works on Android, iPad, and on the PC as well. The files sent and received with the app are fully encrypted and the app is free. “Many of OfficeDrop’s small business customers already use their phones to email documents into our system,” said OfficeDrop CEO Prasad Thammineni. “The new Android app makes this process much simpler — snap a photo and get organized all within the app. We’re making it easy to not only scan, but also search, share and edit documents on the go.”