If you often use the Office for Android suite of apps for working on your mobile devices, then you probably look forward to every update that they bring, whether it’s major or minor or for specific apps only like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. For the February update or version 16.0.7830.1002 of the whole Office suite, you get more file options that can be read on a couple of suites, as well as a way to make your photos pop up in your office documents.

If you don’t have a reliable PDF viewer in your mobile device, you don’t have to install a new app just to be able to read your PDF files. You will now be able to open and view them on the Word app, after you’ve updated the Office suite to the newest version. You can also now open files with scripts and those that contain Query tables with parameters on your Excel mobile app.

When you insert pictures into your Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents, you now have the option to make your pictures “pop”. You can add shadow and reflection effects to make them more noticeable, if that’s the point of your document, spreadsheet, or presentation. It’s neat to see more desktop features being added to the mobile versions.

The February update has already started rolling out to Google Play devices but if you don’t have it yet, you will just have to wait a bit. Can’t wait to see what we’ll get in March.

SOURCE: Microsoft